How Fishbein Orthodontics increased monthly production by $125,000 using LeadSigma

Since Dr. Ben Fishbein and Amanda Floyd, Co-Founders of Fishbein Orthodontics, adopted LeadSigma, the practice has been able to pool its processes and lead generation into one software, simplifying workflows and allowing the company to boost revenue.

Industry: Orthodontic

Location: Florida

Key Features: Immediate new and current patient follow up

20 Seconds

Average time it takes Fishbein Orthodontics to reach an interested new patient using LeadSigma


Increased reporting convenience, cutting reporting times in half.


Fishbein Orthodontics has increased monthly production by $125,000 using LeadSigma

The orthodontic industry is becoming ever more competitive. Patients are more distracted and less patient than ever, which is why Fishbein Orthodontics places a special emphasis on an extraordinary patient experience and exceptional clinical care. The practice has been recognized as one of the fastest growing practices in the world and has scaled their team from seven to over 100 team members in eight locations spanning northwest Florida. Dr. Ben Fishbein and Amanda Floyd along with the entire team host incredible in-office courses (Fishbein Fundamentals), to teach their systems which deliver outstanding patient care and scalable practice growth.

However, there was one glaring opportunity: getting in touch with new patients immediately and consistently was challenging with their existing system.

Dr. Ben Fishbein and his Director of Patient Care, Alyx Perry, knew that they needed a system that facilitated immediate connections with new patients, and kept them organized to continue engaging unscheduled production opportunities.

Not only that, but they needed something customizable and easy-to-use to ensure that the perfect text message, email, and phone call was actioned and automated at the perfect time with as little disruption and training as possible.

At the Fishbein Fundamentals course in Pensacola, FL, at which LeadSigma presented, Alyx quickly identified the usefulness of seamless multi-channel automations and a new patient pipeline acceleration platform that met Fishbein Orthodontics’ needs.

What led Fishbein Orthodontics to LeadSigma?

When Alyx was introduced to LeadSigma, she wanted to make sure it could meet a few core needs. The top priority was the clear organization and consistency of their new patient engagement: Would LeadSigma be able to manage their new patient contacts seamlessly for her team to follow-up immediately and consistently?

Yes, yes it would. LeadSigma is designed for orthodontic teams to connect them with new patients without any extra work and very minimal training. Just pick up the phone when it rings and connect with new patients automatically.

Of course, results also mattered to Fishbein Orthodontics. With one of the world’s leading practices – as the saying goes – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Fortunately, onboarding with LeadSigma not only made the team’s life easier and more organized, but the results speak for themselves. In the first few months post LeadSigma implementation the practice has grown monthly production by $125,000 over the same months in the previous year. This has resulted in a triple digit ROI that is literally unbelievable to even print in this story!

Smooth implementation, easy onboarding

With a high-performing team of passionate Patient Care Specialists, implementing a new technology and changing the systems (in any way) is a thoughtful process for the #FishOrtho team. Among the most important considerations were the thoroughness of the training, the white-glove implementation, and phenomenal customer support.

Once Fishbein Orthodontics made the decision to implement LeadSigma, the Patient Care team was using the service with no interruptions. After a brief onboarding call for account setup, the entire Patient Care team was offered hands-on personalized training.

Converting new patients to signed contracts and following up on unscheduled recall/observation/pending patients has never been easier.

According to the practice, “LeadSigma makes reaching out to prospects so much easier.”

…and a whole lot faster, too! Using LeadSigma, the average time it takes Fishbein Orthodontics to reach an interested new patient is 20 seconds. When an interested patient requests an appointment or schedules online, the #FishOrtho team is connected with the patient via phone, text, and email immediately.

Immediately after the patient submits their information to request an appointment or schedules online, LeadSigma automations jump into action. The immediate personal connection facilitated by LeadSigma resulted in more scheduled consultations and a higher exam show rate – contributing to the practice’s exponential growth.

Time spent on reporting = wasted opportunities to create exceptional patient experiences.

Nobody likes running reports, but everybody needs the data! Not only has LeadSigma created a measurable difference in production growth, but it has reduced the reporting burden for Alyx and her team.

With innovative lead mapping and attribution reporting, #FishOrtho’s LeadSigma dashboard and new patient records tell the team exactly where leads are being generated and gives a full contact history including text message, email, and phone calls for each new patient. Alyx never again has to guess who has been contacted and when. With LeadSigma, every new patient interaction is clearly documented – no matter the method.

Fishbein Orthodontics has increased monthly production by $125,000 using LeadSigma—do you want to experience explosive production growth? Schedule a LeadSigma demo today and try LeadSigma risk free for 30 days.

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