How Saddle Creek Orthodontics boosted revenue growth using LeadSigma

Learn how Saddle Creek Orthodontics and Dr. Kyle Fagala, one of the leading minds in the orthodontic industry on digital growth, uses LeadSigma to connect immediately with new patients from all leads sources automatically.

Industry: Orthodontic

Location: Tennessee

Key Features: Call Slingshot, Integrations, Automations

15 Seconds

Average time it takes Saddle Creed Orthodontics to reach an interested new patient using LeadSigma.


Implemented advanced integrations, including Zapier, custom webhooks, internal email parsing, to easily integrate LeadSigma.


All leads are being automatically touched and tracked using personalized automations.

Saddle Creek Orthodontics, a Memphis based orthodontic practice owned by Dr. Kyle Fagala, is known industry-wide for its digital leadership. Over the last two years Dr. Fagala and his team have helped orthodontists survive and thrive using one of the largest orthodontic digital communities in the country, The Digital Orthodontist. Widely regarded as an industry thought leader, Dr. Fagala is on the cutting edge of technology trends in the industry, and has successfully implemented LeadSigma to improve conversion rates for online form fills, decrease no-show rates for online bookings, and deliver an outstanding digital experience that matches his excellent clinical care.

Prior to LeadSigma, Saddle Creek Orthodontics relied on its front office team, armed with spreadsheets, to follow-up with and track their new patient inquiries. When evaluating potential solutions, Dr. Fagala needed something that would not only improve the speed-to-lead, but also needed something that would work universally and consolidate inbound lead flow from any digital source — like landing pages, website forms, social media ads — just to name a few.

As promised, LeadSigma delivered.

Dr. Fagala’s new patient lead response time was shortened to an average of 15 seconds without any additional effort from the administration team. As soon as the new patient submits their information, LeadSigma automations fire instantly. The admin team simply picks up the phone and is connected with the new patient immediately. All of the text messages and emails are automated — and Dr. Fagala can rest easily knowing that multichannel touches are standard for every new patient.

An effortless implementation was also a top priority for Saddle Creek Orthodontics. As a busy orthodontist in a thriving practice, Dr. Fagala did not want to burden himself or his team. After completing LeadSigma implementation, Dr. Fagala described the onboarding process as, “easy.” From the start, Dr. Fagala enjoyed the white-glove service, responsiveness, and attentiveness of the team saying that,

“[LeadSigma] streamlined the experience for my admin team.”

To implement, the LeadSigma Client Success team coordinated with Neon Canvas, Dr. Fagala’s digital agency, to configure advanced integrations, including zapier, custom webhooks, internal email parsing, to easily integrate LeadSigma into his existing systems and lead sources.

Since launching LeadSigma, Dr. Fagala has a new peace of mind, knowing that all leads are being automatically touched and tracked using personalized automations. In addition, he loves the fact that LeadSigma can scale with his aggressive production growth and that new patient conversions have improved.

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