Stop wasting ad spend and finally understand your true marketing ROI

Record, transcribe and analyze every new patient call. Know where each call was sourced, the results, and capture complete marketing metrics.

“The LS team is truly an extension of our team. I never refer to them as a vendor.”
– Jenn McClain-DeJong, CMO, Smile Doctors

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Trusted by the fastest-growing practices

Lead Manager

Automation software to perfect your follow-up and keep your team on track.

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Copilot AI

Generative AI new patient concierge answers missed calls at scale.

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Call Tracking

Track calls from all lead sources and capture true marketing ROI.

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Respond Faster. Close More Deals.

Customers expect the best experience from every enterprise, including yours. LeadSigma ensures that every inbound lead is handled perfectly, regardless of location. every. time.  Immediate speed-to-lead, multichannel automations, sales team superpowers.

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Create complete multi-cannel marketing attribution by tracking every call

You need to know which channels and campaigns are driving the highest-converting, lowest-cost leads. Whether callers originate from organic search, paid social, paid search, or any other channel, you have a complete line-of-site into what activities are driving the highest ROI.

Reclaim production growth from missed opportunities

Call Tracking pairs seamlessly with your Lead Manager. When any new patient call gets missed (which shouldn’t happen if you are using Copilot ;), missed call leads are fed immediately into your Lead Manager automation system to re-engage the caller by text and phone.

No-brainer benefits

Track a full marketing ROI from all sources

Optimize media spend to drive higher-quality leads

Retarget callers who didn’t convert

Improve phone conversion rates by leveraging recordings and transcriptions


What do businesses think about LeadSigma?

LeadSigma is changing the game for sales pipeline management. Many other pipeline management solutions are too complicated and cumbersome, making them a bear to use. Not LeadSigma!

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Lead Capture

A lead is captured when a prospect fills out any of your online forms.

Upload Leads

No matter where you get your lists of target customers, you can seamlessly upload them into LeadSigma for contact.


Added to Pipeline

Once your form is filled out, the lead is automatically put into your pipeline.

Customize Campaigns

Your team can create customizable campaigns that combine phone calls, text messages, and emails with customizable templates to ensure the right message is delivered at the right time.

Multi-Channel Automated Follow up

Let LeadSigma automations do all of the heavy lifting with the follow-up process to boost your revenue. We will send all emails, text messages, and automate phone tasks with the content and schedule that you dictate.

Look no further. LeadSigma works for you. We have boosted monthly production $125,000 since adding LeadSigma.

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Text Message Enablement

Start conversations with leads on their terms. Enable your sales team to use text messaging to close more deals.

Email Responses

Pre-filled and customizable templates make emailing prospects a breeze.

Reporting & Analytics

Know what sales activity has been completed, what’s scheduled, and measure the results.

Lead Routing

Route leads based on services, territory, and schedules. Make sure the right person calls at the right time.


Set schedules for users to ensure every lead is contacted immediately.

Custom Caller ID

Every lead gets a call from a local number that is unique to your business.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with your website, landing pages, digital ads, and any place you generate inbound leads.

Lead Follow-Up App

Know exactly when and how follow-up with leads. No more spreadsheets, paper, or other ineffective system.

Don’t know if LeadSigma would be beneficial to your company?

After auditing 2,241 U.S. companies, a Harvard Business Review study found that the average lead response time for businesses was 42 hours. Yikes! Input your companies website and we will monitor the speed, frequency, and content of all your lead responses to see if LeadSigma is the perfect tool for you!

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You give us your website.

We submit a new lead to your business.

We monitor the speed, frequency, and content of all responses.

We will send a custom report directly to your inbox.

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