eNox Media Drastically Improves Marketing ROI for Clients

eNox Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping orthodontists define their brands, supercharge growth, and generate more starts—and that’s hard to do without a great lead management solution. That’s why the company’s head of Marketing and Operations, Amanda Cabrera, built partnerships with some of the industry’s leading vendors, including LeadSigma, to improve clients’ marketing ROI while simultaneously simplifying client workflows.

With Amanda at the helm, eNox eventually identified the limitations and pain points of using existing solutions, like SharpSpring, Ava, and Google Sheets. Their clients’ old systems were difficult to manage, difficult to use, and lacked functionality that both increased ROI from inbound marketing efforts and created incredible patient experiences. In addition, Amanda lacked visibility into their clients’ lead management activity—making it difficult to coach clients or help refine their lead management process.

As eNox Media continued to grow, so did their lack of visibility of clients’ lead management practices. From ensuring that new patients received timely follow-up to designing long-term nurture campaigns, Amanda’s tech stack was not keeping up with internal expectations of continual marketing ROI improvement.

LeadSigma didn’t take long to change that. Within three weeks, eNox’s internal operations and marketing teams—with the help of LeadSigma—transformed their clients’ lead management process. Now, eNox clients respond lightning-fast to leads, use all communication channels, and leverage advanced automations to fuel improvement in lead conversions.

“LeadSigma makes it easy for my clients to manage and follow up with their leads without things getting lost in the shuffle. Making their day easier makes me feel great!”

Stacey Hayhurst, Client Success Specialist

Better Lead Management Automations

By moving to LeadSigma, eNox eliminated much of their clients’ manual work associated with lead management, giving their clients the ability to follow-up with leads immediately, automatically, and even while they sleep. When manual work is needed, LeadSigma’s dashboard provides guided workflows to make life easier for their clients and provides a simple user interface that requires minimal training.

“The process of getting our clients started with LeadSigma has been very easy.”

Amanda Cabrera, VP of Marketing & Operations

Now, eNox clients have auotmations to ensure speedy follow-up and campaign-based messaging to deliver the right message, at the right time, and on the right channel. All the while eNox rests easy knowing that LeadSigma customer support team has their back.

“The team at LeadSigma shares our dedication to client satisfaction and customer service. We are confident that our clients are in good hands using their system.”

A Single Source for Improving Scheduling Rates

On the user side, clients have access to all of their inbound leads in one interface including landing pages, their websites, digital ads, and phones. Whenever a client receives a lead, it not only is aggregated in LeadSigma, but is immediately actioned.

And thanks to seamless integrations, including Zapier, LeadSigma is flexible to adapt to changes in marketing strategy. Integrating a new lead source for clients takes minutes, not days.

“The interface was much easier to use than the other systems we tested.”

Now, all of clients’ sales communication to new prospects is synced together, regardless of source or user—-giving smaller and larger teams alike the flexibility to adapt to changes in staffing and allowing multiple users to work the same pipeline without redundancy.

Now that eNox clients are lightning-fast to leads, consistently communicating with their prospects, and leveraging automations to the fullest, clients’ marketing ROI (and satisfaction!) has never been higher.

“LeadSigma has allowed us to drastically increase our client’s marketing ROI. In the past, we struggled to help our clients manage the leads generated by our efforts, which left valuable opportunities and revenue on the table. LeadSigma has been a game-changing tool to close the gap between a “lead” and a “start.” Our team loves how easy it is to teach our clients how to use the software and that it gives us actionable insights into true conversion metrics. We’re excited to have a long-term partnership with LeadSigma as they continue to innovate and evolve the software”